Spirulina for Older Adults contributes to counteract existing health problems and prevent the onset of new diseases.

Spirulina helps to counteract the effects of some diseases present in the elderly

Older people often have different types of health problems, which are mostly due to age. Spirulina for older adults can counteract the effects of some diseases, it can also prevent the formation of new pathologies.

Spirulina contains in its composition the phycocyanin, antioxidants as the Betacarotene, vitamin C and E, selenium, manganese, zinc, iron (of very high assimilation), among others, that help to avoid the presence of free radicals, that are the cause Of the accelerated aging of the cells of the organism.

These antioxidants help maintain the good state of the tissues and organs of the body. They stimulate the immune system, prevent diseases such as cancer, the appearance of cataracts in the lens and are effective in the treatment of dry eye. For all this, Spirulina is considered a potent anti-aging.

Spirulina for Older Adults: a super-food.

It must be taken into account that the elderly suffer from deficiencies in proteins, vitamins and minerals, as a result of which the organism is no longer able to absorb them due to lack of digestive enzymes and some organs of the body (kidney, liver, intestine) with The passing of the years are deteriorating.

Spirulina contains many enzymes and nutrients that are enzyme-stimulating and revitalizing, has a purifying effect, so it cleanses the organs and thus helps the absorption of nutrients.

Older adults do not synthesize vitamin F well, but the one that contains Spirulina is very highly assimilated, thus ensuring a production by the body of prostaglandins that protect against thrombosis, arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis. In addition, Spirulina acts as a natural "chimney sweep" cleaning the walls of our veins and arteries.

By constantly consuming Spirulina helps the body to balance deficiencies in vitamins, iron and other minerals, and excesses such as cholesterol, sugar, among others.