A Super Food for Your Baby

Spirulina is an Ideal Food for Growing Babies

The Spirulina is an ideal complement for the correct formation of the baby. It is recommended to use during pregnancy and in the lactation stage. Since it is a rich source of iron, proteins and nutrients necessary to promote the proper development of the baby. It also provides the mother with an important amount of nutrients, proteins, minerals, acids, amino acids and vitamins. In conclusion, it is very beneficial for the health during the stage of pregnancy and lactation, for the baby as well as the mother.

It is noteworthy that spirulina in babies increases the defenses (as in the mother), helping to form a very strong immune system. This reduces the chance that the newborn will present any disease or health problem. It is also very important that the mother continues to take spirulina during the lactation stage to transmit through the breast milk all the nutrients of spirulina to the baby. Above all, it should be emphasized that spirulina is the only food next to breast milk, which contains gamma-linolenic acid. This acid is essential for the baby's good brain development.

It is also important to consider that Spirulina is a highly nutritious but low calorie food. It only has 19 calories in every 5 grams. When analyzing the nutritional facts of spirulina, a significant similarity in quality and quantity has been found when compared to the nutritional table of breast milk. In several countries like Cuba, spirulina has become the first natural food that is recommended to give babies after breastfeeding.