About us

Ethics and integrity guide and inspire our actions as a human team that are our fundamental allies, as are our suppliers and distributors.


We are a Chilean company that has been formed and consolidated since 1999 with the sole great objective of contributing to the improvement of the nutrition, well-being and health of human beings through the diffusion, Marketing and production in the natural form of Spirulina Máxima, always following the highest and strict quality standards in each of the processes required to obtain this wonderful essential food that nature put into our hands.

Today we are very proud of the research done, the successes, the mistakes and the results obtained by more than 12 years of intense work. For this reason we can say as a family SOLARIUM BIOTECHONOLOGY SA, that our product SPIRULINA MATER is the only ORGANIC Spirulina produced in Chile, this high level of quality is backed by international organizations that grant the corresponding certifications, so that you as a consumer have The tranquility of being FEEDING YOUR LIFE with one of the most complete foods that nature has put in your hands, the Spirulina Máxima.


To contribute to the improvement of the nutrition, well-being and health of human beings through the diffusion and commercialization of essential foods.
Always following the most rigorous quality standards.


Make a significant contribution to the recognition of this powerful food in Chile, Mexico, Bolivia, the United States and the rest of the world.
Collaborate to reach an apparently utopian goal of a world without hunger, without diseases.
Our main objective is the production and dissemination of this essential food, because of its importance and versatility in the nutrition of human beings.

Our values

They are based and inspired by our customers, for which we challenge ourselves every day as a company to deliver a product produced in harmony with the environment, which is why all our technological processes have been fully adapted to take care of it.